Operation Flashpoint

Operation Flashpoint 46.0

Takes you through a fictional conflict between NATO and renegade soviet forces
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Bohemia Interactive

Operation Flashpoint is one of those games that come and blow everything away with their innovative game play. This game did that at such extent that a modification of the game is used by US Marines for training purposes. What is so good about this game? Well, the graphics by today standards are average and the animations sometimes are funny. However this is not the strong point of the game, but its combat realism. The game is not a tank or an aircraft simulator, but a combat simulator. The single player game takes you through a fictional conflict between NATO and renegade soviet forces. You play the role of a soldier, a tank driver or a special forces operative. The missions are challenging and fun to play. But that's not the main beauty of this game, either. The main beauty is that combat is so realistic, you really have a lot of things to do in the game. As a soldier, you can shoot, drive or fly almost any weapon or combat aircraft there is (and more added thanks to a huge community). The game maps are huge, with forests, cities, roads and sub-roads all inside each map. The combat modeling is also great and realistic. The multiplayer option is good, however there is no built-in server finder. All in all, this game is one of the best there are for combat simulations, even today. You can get it through Codemaster's authorized retailers, seen in the Codemaster's online shop.

Ismael Mireles
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  • One of the best tactical action games there are


  • Bad multiplayer options
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